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Allied Health Professionals

The Allied Health Professionals program is suited for students who are ready to embark upon one of the world’s fastest-growing employment fields.  This thorough program centers on a holistic health model that reinforces healthy living concepts and expands upon these concepts to develop a new vision of medical wellness.  Allied Health familiarizes students with critical concepts, safety issues, and skills that all healthcare workers should understand and exhibit.  Additionally, a basic introduction to medical terminology teaches students how to correctly pronounce, spell, define, and use medical terms.  Classrooms and instructional styles are designed to use the latest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment.  With the aid of curriculum-in-action trips plus membership in HOSA, the Allied Health program allows students explore multiple career pathways in the health sciences to help them decide on a future career or college major.

 Program Outcome

Students who successfully complete the Allied Health Professionals program are equipped with the entry-level job skills sought by most healthcare employers in areas such as clinical laboratory assisting, medical assisting, physical therapy, lab technology,  nursing assistant, general health care worker, and medical office administration.  Employment skills and a solid knowledge base give Career and Technical High School students an edge in higher education.

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