Transitional Career Program


In our society, working is one of the most fundamental functions in a person’s life. For the majority of us, it is the means of financial stability, self-sufficiency, professional growth and development.

Yet, for people with disabilities, employment has not always been a central part of their lives.

We are dedicated to providing supported employment through our Transitional Career Program to help our students hone vocational skills and find employment in integrated work settings where students can build upon their strengths.

The student’s day is broken into an AM session and a PM session.  One session is designated to meet each student’s IEP academic goals and objectives  and the other session is designated as a “minds on” “hands-on” pre-vocational skills cluster.

Each “Career Cluster” will include a focus on skills, tasks, job titles, exploration, employability, demand and accessibility for the career.

A strong focus on social skills development is essential for our students to become productive members of  their society.