Salem Campus


The Salem Campus  is situated in a totally accessible, state-of-the-art facility in Mannington, NJ. The building itself is fully air conditioned and enhanced with skylights throughout the corridors. A pleasant central lobby area helps welcome all visitors into the school.

There are ten classrooms in the facility with direct access to a large playground at the rear of the building. The facility provides an attractive, pleasant setting for educational activities and support services. Specially designed areas house life skills, adaptive physical education, medical services, adaptive technology, counseling, speech, occupational and physical therapies.


The staff has a wide range of skills which allow an exceptional level of educational services to be delivered at the school. Additionally, all students who require one-to-one support are provided with a support services personnel –special education (aide) whose primary responsibility is to work with that child.


Students served by the Salem Campus are variously disabled students whose educational program includes wide therapy needs and related services. The school works to develop self-sufficiency and employability in all students.


The Salem Campus  provides a full range of support services and therapies for students in accordance with the goals of the child’s individualized educational plan. The school has a well-equipped therapy areas that house both outstanding occupational and physical therapy programs. Each student also receives necessary counseling and speech therapy services through properly certified personnel.


The Salem Campus  Staff has worked diligently to provide students with the best computer and technology related options available. The facility is linked by fiber optics to the district’s central network that maximizes performance and resources. Each classroom has a variety of Apple computers  (iMac’s, MacBook Pro’s and iPad’s)  that are used for programmed language and reading, as well as, creative writing and math. Necessary adaptive equipment is also available for each student based on need.


Adaptive Technology

Adaptive and assistive technology is supported at The Salem Campus through the Adaptive Technology Lab. This area provides support to staff in developing program and activity recommendations for students at the facility. The area includes a range of equipment designed to facilitate individual communication and technical interaction.