SCVTS Arts, Science and Technology Academies

The SCVTS Academies are highly-focused programs designed to prepare students for careers that generally require further education at a college or university level.  The academy programs cover a wide array of concentration areas, ranging from the medical sciences to journalism to theater arts.  In some cases, the academic courses built into the academy schedule will be honors level or even college level.  Regardless of academy, the student will be scheduled daily for one block period or two standard periods of studies directly linked to academy’s focus.

Academies are offered as a full-time option only.  Because the academies are situated at various locations, students will be enrolled as a full-time student at whichever high school the academy is hosted.  That is inclusive of academic classes, academy-based classes, sports, and any other co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.  The Academy for Medical Sciences, the Academy for Energy Applications, and new for the fall 2014, the Academy for Agricultural Sciences are all housed at the Career and Technical High School.  Arthur P. Schalick High School (Dance, Drama, Visual Arts) and Pennsville Memorial High School (Graphic Design, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music) host multiple academy programs, while Penns Grove High School (Engineering) and Woodstown High School (Communications) each host one academy program.