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Academy for Energy Applications

Hosted at the Salem County Career and Technical High School

The Academy for Energy Applications is offered through the Salem County Career and Technical High School in partnership with PSEG Nuclear.  The academy explores both the existing systems of delivery, as well as, the development of renewable sources in emerging fields of energy.  Students learn the engineering of power generation and apply the principles of chemistry and physics.

This academy includes the study of the history, structure, and future of electric power production with both traditional and alternate energy sources.  In this study, basic science and math applications will be employed.  Students learn the basic principles of AC/DC electrical theory, compare methods of power generation, and explore the functions of plant operations from machinery to system design.  Through hands-on application, students will engage in science experiments, modeling, and schematic mock-ups including solar panels and wind turbines.  Cross-curricular projects will be developed with real-world components.

The academy provides several options for students dependent upon each student’s career and/or college goals.  Students pursuing the advanced level options in preparation for a four year baccalaureate program will have the opportunity to enroll honors-level science and mathematics courses.  Students who participate in this academy also have the opportunity to pursue complimentary, elective technical courses that are available through the Career and Technical High School.

Potential students for the Academy for Energy Applications should have an interest in mathematics, science, and understanding how things work.

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