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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts: Dance

Hosted at Arthur P. Schalick High School

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts: Dance is designed for the serious-minded student who wishes to explore their artistic discipline fully.  Its goal is to introduce students to the variety of disciplines within the field of dance and equip them with a high degree of technical proficiency in those disciplines.  In addition, students will gain a basic understanding of the historical development of dance and be able to present analysis of works of art from a structural, historical, and cultural perspective.

Students become well-versed in the language of dance and will have the opportunity to develop personal creativity and self-discipline.  The areas of instruction in this program include:  ballet, modern, and jazz dance technique; yoga; Pilates; improvisation; choreography; wellness and fitness training; and dance history.  Secondary areas of instruction may include: ethnic dance; dance theater; contact work; and partnering.  Students are also exposed to various elements of technical theater such as costuming, lighting design, sound design, and front-of-house production.

In addition to a variety of concerts and plays that take place at Arthur P. Schalick High School, students will participate in a Senior Project and will have an opportunity to perform at Appel Farm with students from other disciplines encompassed in the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts.  Students also have the opportunity to work with a number of guest artists and choreographers throughout the year.

A stage audition is required for admission to this discipline.  Information specific to this audition will be provided to the student upon application.

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