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Academy of Medical Sciences

Hosted at the Salem County Career and Technical High School

The philosophy for the Academy of Medical Sciences is to educate motivated students, in a specialized, student-focused environment, and to prepare students for college and then a career in the medical sciences.

The academy offers educational challenges based upon a rigorous core curriculum which combines both high school and collegiate coursework in mathematics, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, history, literature, and art.  Independent thinking in a collaborative learning environment is encouraged in all academy classes.  Coursework provides students with a full range of medical career experiences.

The academy classrooms are designed to use state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which provides continuous education.  Within the structure of the program, students will explore multiple career pathways in the medical and biological sciences to help them decide on their future career. Through an articulated partnership with Salem Community College, students will participate in four years of college preparatory education in which up to 36 college credits may be earned while still in high school. This is the equivalent to one year of the Salem Community College associate’s degree in Biology/Chemistry. SCVTS has articulated additional college classes to be offered after school at the Career and Technical High School for students to complete the associate’s degree while in high school at a discounted tuition rate to students and their families. Several students have completed the associate degree while still in high school. The credits earned are transferable to four year colleges and universities.

Throughout the four years, students will be exposed to a wide range of health occupations to provide perspective in their career decision.  Students will take required core courses and also have the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths through a series of biological and medical electives.  A variety of extracurricular clubs and activities exist for students to take advantage of at the Career and Technical High School.  Opportunities also exist for students to participate in sports programs at their resident high school district.

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