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Any Salem County student may apply for any of the programs or academies available through SCVTS.  A wide array of vocational programs is offered at the Career and Technical High School as both full and shared-time options.  Additionally, the Arts, Science and Technology Academies are full-time options, with certain programs hosted at our main campus and others at partner high schools within Salem County.   Tuition for all our programs or academies is free to county residents, and transportation is provided by the student’s resident school district.

Salem Tech 

A full-time student attends the Salem Tech as his or her primary comprehensive high school and will have the ability to accrue all the credits necessary for graduation in the State of New Jersey.  For a student who is considered shared-time, he or she will attend the Career and Technical High School for vocational training for one-half the regular school day.  The remainder of the day will be spent at the student’s district high school.  A student may begin shared-time enrollment at Salem Tech no sooner than their junior year (excluding the Career Orientation program).
Applications can be obtained either online or by contacting student services at (856) 769-0101, ext. 5370.  Students may also obtain an application from their school’s guidance office.  Applications are generally submitted during the school year prior to the year the student plans to attend.

Once the Salem Tech student services unit receives an application, copies of the student’s grades and records are requested from their home school.  Admission determination will be based on a review of the student’s grades from the current and previous school year; attendance; the most recent standardized test scores; and the results of the admissions test (full-time applicants only).  Admissions testing will be scheduled through Salem Tech's  student services unit, and may occur at the student’s home school.  Students will be notified of the admissions decision by mail.

Host Site Academies

Academies are offered as a full-time option only.  If accepted, a student will be enrolled as a full-time student at whichever high school the academy is hosted.  The Academy for Biological and Medical Sciences and the Academy for Energy Applications are housed at Salem Tech.  Arthur P. Schalick High School (Dance, Drama, Visual Arts) and Pennsville Memorial High School (Graphic Design, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music) host multiple academy programs, while Penns Grove High School (Engineering) and Woodstown High School (Communications) each host one academy program.

Applications can be obtained in the same manner as those for Salem Tech programs.

The admissions determination is based on the same academic factors as the Salem Tech programs.  However, certain academies require additional admission components.  Auditions are required for the Academies of Creative and Performing Arts, including Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music, while applicants for the Visual Arts program will be asked to submit a portfolio of their work.  The Communications academy and the Graphic Design in Multi-Media Technology academy require the applicant to attend a student-teacher interview session.  All auditions, portfolio reviews, and interviews will be scheduled through the Admissions Supervisor or  the academy’s instructor.

For More Information…

You may contact Mark Kasubinski in student services with any admissions inquiries at (856) 769-0101, ext. 5370

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