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Air Force Junior ROTC

The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) offers students the opportunity to explore the fast-paced world of aerospace and military science.  Students learn about the history of flight, the development of air power, as well as the missions and operations of the United States armed forces.  The science of flight—ranging from aviation physiology and flight theory—will be explored, as will the aerospace industry and space technology.  Students will learn the fundamentals of good communication, effective management, and human relations while receiving leadership training that will prepare them for life after high school.  It is important to note that there is absolutely no military obligation for participation in this program, nor will instructors recruit students for military service.  The Air Force Junior ROTC is a citizenship program, thus students enrolled in the program are taught values and skills that will benefit them in any future endeavor.

2018-2019 AFJROTC NJ-20004 Handbook   Click Here

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Program Outcome

Whatever a student’s career aspiration, the Air Force Junior ROTC experience will provide them with the education and skills they will need to meet the challenges ahead.  For those students who are interested in a military career, participation in Air Force Junior ROTC offers real advantages.  Students who enlist in any branch of the armed forces may enter at one or two pay grades higher than other enlistees.  Students who plan to go to college and join a senior-level ROTC program may gain credit for up to one full year of college ROTC for their Junior ROTC experience at the Career and Technical High School.  Students may also qualify for special scholarships reserved for cadets who have participated in Air Force Junior ROTC during high school.

 Program Highlights:

  • The State of New Jersey has approved physical education credit for Air Force Junior ROTC participation
  • Students take several curriculum-in-action trips, including a visitation to Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Del.
  • Participation in color guard and drill team
  • Students may enroll in other career and technical programs full time and take Air Force Junior ROTC as an elective

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