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Electrical Technology

The primary goal of the Electrical Technology program is to educate students about the electrical trades through a comprehensive selection of courses ranging from theory to safety.  At this level, students learn basic electrical theory, wiring methods and materials, national and local electrical codes, and print layout.  Students acquire the experience to install receptacles, switches, lighting, and service entrance conductors. While working with the various circuits for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, students learn to work safely around electricity and to use the proper tools for the respective wiring job.  As students progress through the program, they will learn about motors, programmable logic controls, generators, and meters.  By program’s end, students should be able to exhibit practical and mathematical knowledge to support, explain, and troubleshoot each application learned.

Program Outcome

With steady population growth and the inevitability of new technologies on the immediate horizon, more electricians will be needed to install and maintain electrical devices and wiring in homes, factories, offices, and other structures.  Upon successful completion of the Electrical Technology program, students will be qualified to obtain an entry-level job in residential wiring or to continue their education in a post-secondary electrical technology program.  Successful graduates of the Electrical Technology program may be eligible to receive college credit at local community or county colleges.  Students may also chose to enter into a private apprenticeship or an electrical union apprentice program.

Program Highlights:

  • Students explore residential, commercial, and industrial wiring and learn to troubleshoot various real-life scenarios on training modules
  • Students gain hands-on experience working on a residential framework model within the classroom
  • The Electrical Technology program prepares students to pass the competency test to enter a union  apprenticeship program
  • Electrician apprentices can start at $18 per hour and journeymen electricians make $35 to $40 per hour

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