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Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management


The most recent addition to the Salem Tech course lineup, the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management program was developed under the guidance of Rutgers University and is a unique offering in the South Jersey region.  With career opportunities forecasted to bloom over the course of the next decade, this program prepares students to enter the various fields within logistics and supply chain management, ranging from warehousing and public relations to information technology and facilities management. The curriculum of the program incorporates critical thinking; a teamwork-based approach; and problem-solving skills to help students better understand the many processes and relationships that comprise the domestic and global economies.

 Program Outcome


The outlook for jobs in the supply chain management field should only get stronger as businesses become increasingly more global and online commerce continues to thrive.  Since 75% of supply chain managers have either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, this program sets a thorough foundation for post-secondary studies in this fast-paced and vital area of study.


  • *The only logistics/supply chain management high school program based in South Jersey
  • *A project-based course that asks students to use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to understand how internal functions of an organization are connected with other institutions around the world
  • *Curriculum incorporates accounting, economics, science and geography while building up the student’s public speaking and communication abilities
  • *Plethora of opportunities for students after graduation in a quickly multiplying industrial field, especially in the South Jersey region.