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Academy of Graphic Design in Multimedia Technology

Hosted at Pennsville Memorial High School

The Academy of Graphic Design in Multimedia Technology (GMT) is designed for students who view the world in a creative way and also possess a strong academic make-up.  GMT will prepare students for a challenging career in the vibrant graphics communication industry while developing organizational and task management skills in the individual.  The extensive curriculum, utilizing a computer lab with Macintosh platform and a fully-equipped printing shop, provides a well-rounded education for the academy student.  In addition, graphic design skills will be enhanced with formal art instruction by a certificated art teacher and specific software lessons by an adjunct.

The numerous areas of study for GMT students include: graphic design principles; computer software training; digital SLR and video photography; video editing; typography; binding and finishing methods; offset lithography printing; screen printing; and sketching and drawing.  Emphasis is placed on development of project-based portfolios throughout each year for college scholarships or workplace opportunities.  Some of the projects and assignments GMT students will tackle throughout their time in the program include: book illustration; poster and advertising design; thirty-second TV commercials; T-shirt printing; corporate logo design; digital photography; restaurant logo and business design; and 3D display design and construction.

The program, facility, and the instructor are approved PrintED nationally accredited.  Upon completion of the required competencies and successfully passing area specific exams, seniors will achieve certificates from the Printing Industries of America (PIA) administered by the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) in three areas of study: Introduction to Graphic Communications, Digital File Preparation and Digital File Output.  This national industry-approved accreditation program allows graduates a higher level of acceptance to either the workplace or college.

The Academy of Graphic Design in Multimedia Technology provides the opportunity for students to think outside the box, cultivate their own personal style, and develop the confidence necessary for the highly competitive nature of the graphic communication industry.

During the admissions process, applicants will be scheduled for an interview with the academy instructor.  Details about this interview will be provided to the student upon application.

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