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Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Students enrolled in the Law Enforcement and Public Safety program are introduced to various facets of the American criminal justice system, as well as the infrastructure of emergency response and public safety units through a local and national scope.  The program delves into the nature of law and the behavioral aspects of crime while teaching students the numerous techniques and practices utilized by law enforcement officials.  In collaboration with the Salem County Office of Emergency Management Services, the program offers industry-based certifications in 911 communications, EMT and firefighting.  Program students will receive first aid and rescue training based on the New Jersey Department of Health EMT standards and will be trained in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Fire Safety standards for Community Emergency Response Team (TeenCERT) and First Responder.

Program Outcome

With increased interest in security and anti-terrorism measures, career opportunities continue to expand in the field of law enforcement and public safety.  Possible career options include, but are not limited to: police officer, private security system technician, corrections officer, probation officer, private investigator, crime scene investigator, court officer, emergency dispatcher, firefighter, or EMT responder.  Students who complete the Law Enforcement and Public Safety program may be eligible for college credits at local county or community colleges. The program provides students looking to study law or criminal justice at a two or four-year college with a solid foundation of learning.

Program Highlights:

  • Concentrated coursework allows students to enter careers as police officers, state  troopers, criminal investigators, emergency dispatchers, or EMT responders
  • Students are given preparation for the New Jersey State EMT and firefighter certificate exams
  • Students will earn the necessary hours and credit towards certification in 911 communications and EMT
  • Students will take the Salem County Firefighter I course at no cost to them

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