Message from the Superintendent


John R. Swain, Superintendent of Schools

I feel very fortunate that I have been selected to be the superintendent of the Salem County Vocational-Technical and Salem County Special Services School Districts. The challenges that each of these districts present are both exciting and give the opportunity to move forward with a vision for growth and strengthening of programming within each of the districts. It is because of these challenges that I feel very fortunate to be the superintendent of these districts. I would like to take a moment to summarize the districts.

The Salem County Vocational-Technical School serves over 1,000 county residents through a variety of educational programs and services. The district offers a wide range of academy, career and technical education, career orientation and special education programs. These programs are offered on both a full-time and shared-time basis in cooperation and partnership with the county’s elementary and secondary schools, Salem Community College and with an array of business partners.

The Board of Education provides full and shared-time career and technical education opportunities for students at the Salem County Career and Technical High School in a campus setting. Students may choose from over fifteen career and technical education and career orientation program opportunities that are offered at this site. The district operates the Salem County Arts, Science, and Technology Academies in partnership with four of the county’s high schools. This virtual high school consists of full-time specialized theme programs that are operated in cooperation with Penns Grove High School, Pennsville Memorial High School, Schalick High School, and Woodstown High School. These magnet or theme programs include the Academy of Biological and Medical Sciences hosted at the Career and Technical High School, the Academy of Engineering and Technology hosted at Penns Grove High School, the Academy of Communication and Information Technology hosted at Woodstown High School, and the Academy of Graphic Design and Multi-Media Technology hosted at Pennsville Memorial High School. The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts is hosted at Pennsville Memorial High School and Schalick High School. The instrumental and vocal disciplines are offered at the Pennsville Memorial High School and the dance, drama, and visual arts disciplines are offered at Schalick High School. Many of the students in these programs are also exposed to educational and cultural opportunities at Appel Farm.

The Board of Education and district leadership team continue to develop the six identified effective traits for teachers. These traits have been integrated into the interviewing, hiring, monitoring, and evaluation process. Additionally, high yield instructional strategies are being reviewed to enhance instruction and to further enhance advance level career and technical education program courses that are being implemented for full-time secondary and post secondary students.

The Salem County Special Services School District operates multiple schools and programs in Salem and Cumberland counties:  the Salem Campus in Mannington, Cumberland Campus, Daretown School, Alternative Middle/High School housed at the Campbell Center, and the Early Intervention program. These schools and programs provide a wide range of educational programming and support services are offered to students in Salem and Cumberland Counties. The Salem County Special Services School District also provides related services that include: Child Study Teams to public and non-public school, Nursing Services, Speech/Occupational Therapy, etc.  These services compliment the academic, career orientation, therapeutic, and socialization opportunities.

Through the district’s Business, Corporate and Customized Education Center and the Educational Technology Training Center, adult apprentice, community, continuing and customized education programs are offered. The BCCEC is primarily designed to meet the needs of county employers and employees. Through the BCCEC a variety of management, computer software application, mechanical and safety training programs are offered.

The district offers a growing number of educational training programs for adults in areas of high need. Currently, programs in phlebotomy, certified nursing assistant, and cosmetology are offered. Professional development programs are offered through ETTC on a regional basis.  The district also operates the Salem County School Based Youth Services Center which recently relocated to the SCTVS campus and is supported through a grant from the New Jersey Department of Human Services. The School Based program is available to all Salem County in and out-of-school at-risk youth.

In closing, I feel very fortunate to lead and collaborate with administrators and staff within the two districts which are designed for students to receive the best possible education to prepare them for employment, college, and the ability to become life-long learners. These districts are committed to developing the students socially, mentally, physically, and academically. Student achievement and success is the basis for all board and management decisions and for the selection of learning theories and teaching styles that are utilized in the school districts.

I look forward to a wonderful 2013-2014 school year!



John R. Swain, Superintendent

Salem County Vocational and Technical School/Salem County Special Services School District