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Salem Tech Upgrades Security Measures to Provide Safe Environment for Staff and Students

MANNINGTON – School district administrators across the country have placed safety and security – above academics and extra-curricular activities – as their top daily responsibility and concern.

Salem Tech High School in Mannington is certainly no exception in being one of the schools adding additional security measures and increasing efforts to provide a safe, secure environment for students and staff.  These efforts include hiring retired law enforcement officers who patrol the school throughout the day and tightening safety protocols in keeping the building secure.

Last year, the school district contracted with K.D. National Force Security, a private and insured company with retired and experienced law enforcement professionals with at least 20 years in the field.  Pittsgrove Township School District and Salem County Special Services have also contracted with K.D. National Force Security.

John Sieber, a retired 25-year veteran with the Salem City police officer and an employee with K.D. National Force Security, is Salem Tech’s School Security Specialist.  Sieber’s duties include visitor management,  patrolling the grounds and hallways and providing security at nighttime and sporting events and activities.

“We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the assistance of Mr. Sieber here at our school,” said John R. Swain, Superintendent of Schools.  “He is a welcomed addition to the campus and has done an admirable job of promoting a safe and secure environment.”

New security doors in the main vestibules ensure only students and staff have access to the school, and all visitors go through a screening process and gain entry at a centralized point. Upgrades also include additional cameras and new signage outside, Swain said.

“I’m pleased with the added security measures that have been accomplished,” Sieber said.  “Now, we can better control our point of entry and monitor who is coming into the facility.  I am happy to be here to help students,  teachers and staff.”

However, more work needs to be done, he said, to make the campus even more secure.

“It’s a great initial effort,” Sieber said.  “And we are well on our way to providing a secure, safe campus for everyone who attends and works here as well as our many visitors to the campus.”