Home of the Salem Tech Chargers

 CTHS Administration:

Name: Position: Email: Extension:
Jason Helder Principal 5374
Patrick Cruet Assistant Principal 5316
Jim Helder Athletic Director 5361


Support Staff:

Name: Position: Email: Extension:
Grace Bush Confidential Secretary to the Principal 5313
Linda Dunn Confidential Secretary to the Career and Technical High School 5368
Bonnie Baker Supervisor of Marketing and Public Information 5391
Katherine Belutty Guidance Counselor 5317
Melanie Jones Guidance Counselor 5386
Lacey Debellis Guidance Counselor 5318
Mark Kasubinski Supervisor of Student Information Services 5370
Olivia Seeney Guidance Secretary



Name: Position: Email: Extension:
Lewis, Sheldon Law Enforcement and Public Safety Instructor 5343
Alexander, Joseph M CADD Instructor 5341
Carter, Roland Food Service Director 5324
Cerqueira, Nicole Science Instructor 5256
Chaapel, Carly Science Instructor 5307
Chiriac, Danut Electrical Technology Instructor 5232
Connell, Bruce Culinary Arts Instructor 5353
Crim, Jessica  Math Instructor 5253
Davis, Mike AFJROTC Instructor 5398
DiPietro, Anna Cosmetology Instructor 5325
DiPietro, Dominick Construction Technology Instructor 5348
DiTizio, Keely Science Instructor 5257
DiTizio, Matthew J Career Orientation Instructor 5351
Dolbow, Garry T Auto Collision Repair Technology Instructor 5349
Doran, Lindsey Physical Education Instructor 5259
Duaime, Elizabeth History Instructor 5342
Fisher, Patrick History Instructor 5255
Foster, Tracy Early Childhood Education Instructor 5369
Glenn, Justin E. Physical Education Instructor 5259
Gredesky, Cindia English Instructor 5326
Hartsough, Lisa Allied Health Instructor 5382
Keefe, Nick Welding Instructor 5350
Kopp, Nicole Math Instructor 5225
Kraky, Kimberly A Science Instructor 5380
Lario, Joseph Energy Instructor 5340
Lester-Battiata, Rachel Computer Instructor 5347
Lockwood, Eric Math Instructor 5252
Lubelski, Deborah Spanish Instructor 5335
Maisey, Leo J English Instructor 5267
Miller, Kim School Nurse 5320
Monzo, Joseph Graphics Technology Instructor 5265
Munyan, Jami M Physical Education Instructor 5259
Patrick, Dawn M. History Instructor 5251
Petronglo, Stephanie The Learning Center Instructor 5258
Pham, Nicole English Instructor 5250
Polillo, Katherine Career Orientation/History Instructor 5378
Porter, Carmen Career Orientation Instructor 5381
Preyer, Tyrone Global Logistics 5395
Quinn, Brian Culinary Arts Instructor 5213
Redkoles-Polk, Kristen Science Instructor 5338
Roberts, Jennifer Math Instructor 5254
Roeske, Alfred Auto Technology Instructor 5344
Rojas, Joseph AFJROTC Instructor 5376
Strock, Kacey English Instructor 5333
Tobin, Megan E English Instructor 5355
Walter, Eric D Math Instructor 5271