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Superintendent's Message


John R. Swain Superintendent

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

Staff, Students, and Parents, 

Each year brings with it numerous opportunities to experience growth in many different forms. Each year students grow academically, socially, and physically as they navigate through our school system. Their growth occurs with the guidance and support of parents, teachers, and friends which allows these students to grow in a positive fashion as they enter young adulthood. Absence or misguidance from any one of these entities can have final results that aren’t fully realized and the student may not reach their full potential. It is my hope that each student our districts serve fully benefits from the partnership I have described. Each day a student is present is an opportunity for them to enhance their knowledge through critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability for individual expression. These skill sets are essential for what is now termed college and career readiness in education. The schools within our districts offer students a teaching staff that is dedicated to educating your child(ren), a safe environment based on trust and respect, and an environment that is educationally conducive to meet your student’s needs. This allows your student to have the best opportunity at success moving forward. 

Parents, please take the time and fully understand your child’s program through discussion with the teachers and staff that work with your child on a daily basis. This partnership will allow you to better understand your child’s program and academic standing. I would encourage open and honest dialogue between you, administration, and teaching staff in order to best serve and facilitate your student’s educational program. 

Students, please take advantage of the many opportunities we provide you. Hard work, dedication, and commitment to your education will substantially increase your chances for success later in life. The biggest key to your success is you! Make the commitment to yourself to be the best you can be academically, socially, and physically. I wish you the best during the 2016-2017 school year! 

Staff, I appreciate your continued hard work so that our students are prepared for their future whether it be college or the workforce. You are the vital link that will prepare these students for the next level. 

In closing, our districts have made a commitment through professional development, technology, and curriculum to give our teachers the tools necessary to perform their roles of teacher, mentor, and role model as they steer your students down the path of success. This responsibility can’t be understated or minimized as it is what we as educators have taken on as our life’s work. Although the teaching profession has evolved during the years, the basics of instruction and teaching remain the same. Teachers are the main component of the educational process and have the ability to touch so many in positive ways as the students they are teaching transition to adulthood. 

I wish everyone much success for the 2016-2017 school year! 


John R. Swain  Superintendent

Salem County Vocational-Technical/Salem County Special Services Districts