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April 1, 2019


 As March 20, 2019 officially marked spring, we are now experiencing longer days, warmer temperatures, and movement toward the end of school in June.

 The reason I mention this is as educators, parents, and students, time seems to accelerate with numerous things to be completed prior to our June 19, 2019 graduation and school closure. Educators need to ensure the students they teach are well prepared for the end of year test, are able to cover their remaining curriculum, and aid the students to maintain focus in order to continue to be successful. For parents, this time represents oversight to ensure your child’s grades are maintained, final assessments are prepared for, and a plan for the short term (summer), and the long term (graduating seniors) is developed. As students, this is a time of mixed emotions. Our graduating students see the end of their high school experience rapidly coming to an end. They often will feel a wide range of emotions and behaviors as they navigate these final few months of school. As educators and parents we must be patient and assist them through this time as they prepare for the next chapter in their life. As students, please move forward with the confidence that you are well prepared for the next chapter of your life and that these final few months should be cherished with friends and family before the next chapter of your life begins. Our underclassmen should continue to remain focused and move forward to the best of their ability so when they reach the pinnacle of being a senior they too will have the confidence that they are well prepared for their future endeavors.

 In closing, this school year has been wonderful so far, with many accomplishments and accolades by our students across both districts. Our instructional staff has done a phenomenal job preparing these young people to move forward no matter what grade level or program they are in. I continue to enjoy watching the progress of each of our students, programs, and districts during the 2018-2019 school year. Rest assured, the journey of the 2018-2019 school year is not over but, so far, has been a great year!

 I look forward to your child’s continued success within the Salem County Vocational-Technical and Salem County Special Services School Districts.


 John R. Swain