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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts: Visual Arts

Hosted at Arthur P. Schalick High School

Students in the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts: Visual Arts discipline will pursue a professional, studio-intensive program designed for those who wish to become illustrators, designers, or fine artists. The standards are high and the work is demanding, but the ultimate rewards are great.

The academy provides students with a thorough grounding in fundamental principles and techniques with opportunities for concentration in one or more specific fine art areas. There are a wide variety of studio experiences, which may include: basic drawing; ceramics; illustration; photography; printmaking; painting; and sculpture.  Academy students will work in close collaboration with the instructor to reach their individual potential in the areas of art that will prepare them for the academic and portfolio requirements for admission to competitive colleges and universities.

Students are expected to exhibit a rigorous work ethic.  They will have access to skilled artists through the resources of Appel Farm Arts and Music Center and will be exposed to many kinds of visual art through field trips to museums.  In addition to a variety of art exhibits that take place at Arthur P. Schalick High School, students will participate in a Senior Exhibit and will have an opportunity to present their work at Appel Farm.

Students applying for the Visual Arts Academy are required to submit for review a portfolio of existing artwork.  The portfolio should reflect talent and a strong commitment to art.  Exact portfolio specifications will be provided to the student upon application.

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