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Long-Term Care Specialist Program

(Opportunity for Partnership Grant)


SCVTS and Southgate Nursing and Rehabilitation Center have partnered to assist persons seeking to enter teh health care industry with obtaining the technical skills, professional atributes and industry credentials required to be a successful entry-level employee that strives to further their professional education.

Through funding supported by the NJ DOL, qualified participants will receive an all-encompassing career training program that will provide studnets with career readiness, technical training to be a Certified Nurse Aide in Long Term Care Facilities, and knowledge to continue education for further experience and career options such as apprenticeship.

Contact the school for more information at 856-351-2929 or 856-351-2933

Program Structure:    Three Phases of Education and Training

 Phase 1: Students will be able to understand the healthcare industry, develop a personal career plan, and begin to develop academic and industry related skills required to be successful.

Phase 2: Students will be able to demonstrate the required technical and professional skills needed to be employed as a CNA while establishing long term career goals.  Students will complete the required 90 hour CNA program during this phase.

Phase: Students will begin employment as a CNA while continuing to enhance their knowledge of Senior Services.  Students will be supported by an SCVTS instructor during this seven-week transition process.  By the end of this phase, all students will be fully licensed.

*see Program Schedules for additional CNA dates


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